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For your convenience, the Recording Department has developed an application to search the grantor/grantee index. We strongly encourage you to read through the "Help" information below before proceeding to the search feature. If you locate a record of interest and would like a copy, please note the reception number or book and page and contact the Recording Department for further instructions. Please note that military records are confidential and will NOT display in the search results. For additional information, please refer to the section on Release of Military Records or contact the Recording Department, which is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. You may reach the Recording Department at (719) 520-6200 or


Names: When searching by name, the most basic principle to note is the more specific the entries, the more refined the search results will be. The standard for entering names is "Lastname" "Firstname" "MI" (eg: Doe John J), however, you may enter a partial name of at least three characters to broaden your search. Please note that commas are NOT used to separate names. Only the first 500 records will be retrieved regardless of whether there were additional matches. Consider adding a date range to help narrow your search.

When adding a date range to your search, be aware that the index is available from 1984 to present. If you are searching for a document prior to 1984, you will need to contact the Recording Department for additional assistance. Please note that the standard date format is MM/DD/YYYY.

Reception Numbers:
For years 1994 to 1999, reception numbers should be eight digits in length and start with the last two digits of the year (eg: 99000001). For years 2000 and after, reception numbers should be nine digits in length and start with a "2" followed by the last two digits of the year (eg: 202000001). For years prior to 1994, reception numbers vary in length. If you have any questions, please contact the Recording Department for additional assistance.


The El Paso County Clerk & Recorder Office provides this web site as a public service. Information available on this web site is collected, maintained, and provided solely for the convenience of the public users. While every effort is made to assure that this information is accurate the County Clerk & Recorder does not certify the authenticity of the information contained herein. The County Clerk & Recorder shall under no circumstance be responsible for any error or omission which may occur in these records, nor liable for any actions taken as a result of reliance upon any information contained within this web site from whatever source, or any other consequence from such reliance.

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